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Access the best amenities and build a customized renter benefits package for your residents with these great partners.

Many companies benefits packages are curated for you, where we help create a custom package based on your needs and values of your residents.

report rent on credit score

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The Allstate Corporation, Northbrook, Ill.

Identity Theft & Resolution Benefits

Allstate Identity Protection, alerts members to exposed information before it can be used fraudulently. We provide advanced monitoring and near real-time alerts — so members can maximize their protection and minimize their need for recovery.


Filters Shipped to Residents

Air filter subscriptions delivered right to your residents front door – hassle free and easy for property managers.

Happy couple is standing near new house with cardboard boxes. Moving day.

Free utility concerige services

Designed to help connect, transfer or set up utilities for your residents. This service guarantees a higher percentage of your residents will set up utilities in their name faster.

Effortless Renters Insurance with RiskRelease

A streamlined approach with renters insurance for residents and property managers.  This program ensures lease compliance with automatic enrollment and eliminates the need for separate approvals.  For a low monthly fee, residents are covered and their obligation for renters insurance is fulfilled.  With RiskRelease’s advanced AI system they’re able to swiftly reviews submitted policies, providing feedback within 48 hours.

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