We are on a mission to empower our community to build a better financial future

CredHub helps property managers collect more rent on time and in full every month with less work, while helping residents improve their financial futures by building positive credit histories. At CredHub we believe people should get credit for their good actions. 

For property managers, that means rewarding residents for paying on time and in full. In both the short term and the long run, this benefits everyone. Owners and property managers collect more of the money they are due with less effort, and residents have the chance to unlock new opportunities for themselves through improved credit scores. CredHub is the ultimate win-win for owners, property managers and residents alike.


Discover the values powering CredHub

We are obsessed with delivering customer success
We win through constant collaboration
We are owners and
we act like it
We hold ourselves to high standards
We continuously experiment, learn, innovate
We are passionate what we do and why we do it
We trust and respect
each other
We are radically transparent

Founded on Experience & Industry Expertise

CredHub’s founders & leadership have over 100 years of combined executive experience at companies like Expedia, Aon Insurance, Point B Consulting, Alaska Airlines and Auth0. CredHub was born because our founders saw the need for a solution that helps owners and property managers collect the rent they’re due with less work, while giving residents a path to a better financial future.

Steve Jarvis


Steve Jarvis is Co-Founder, President and CEO of CredHub Prior to CredHub, Jarvis served as Vice President of Strategy for Expedia, Vice President of Marketing for Concur’s Small & Midsize Business segment and Jarvis was Alaska Airlines’ Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience. Jarvis was a A PSBJ 40-Under-40 honoree, holds a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering and an MBA from the University of Washington.

Chris Dukelow


Chris is a Co-Founder and supports Finance, Corporate Development and Strategy at CredHub. Prior to CredHub, Dukelow was CFO and VP, People at Auth0.  He has been in senior leadership roles including Finance, Sales, Business Development, and HR at a number of venture capital backed technology companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business, with a concentration in Accounting, from the University of Washington Foster School of Business. 


National Low Income
Housing Coalition

Our team donates quarterly based on providing internal kudos each week. We assign out dollars based on living our values and then we donate those dollars to National Low Income Housing Coalition.

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We focus our ESG efforts on Social Impact

Our team is dedicated to educating and offering products that provide financial equity to all. We do this by reporting rental payments to credit bureaus, helping people build their credit. We know credit history impacts homeownership and interest rates on personal loans (cars, credit cards, etc.) and has a major impact on people’s lives long term.

Rent is the largest payment of the month for many people, often more than 50% of their monthly income. Before CredHub those renters did not receive credit for their rental payments, causing many renters to have low credit scores or to be credit invisible.