Are You Credit Invisible? Report Rent Payments To Build Credit

Approximately 26 million adults (one out of 10) have no credit history from credit cards, loans or other lines of credit according to the CFPB making them "credit invisible".

CredHub helps renters to build their credit score by reporting rent payment status to the credit bureaus each month.

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Why should you increase your credit score?

The lifetime cost of higher interest rates from bad or mediocre credit can exceed six figures

More Lender Choices

You will have more lenders willing to provide loans to be able to select the best lender.

Obtain Lower Interest Rates

You may qualify for better mortgage and additional loan terms with a high credit score.

Access to More Options

You may quality for new financial products such as credit cards that offer rewards or perks.

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*CredHub is a complete reporting solutions that reports payment or non-payment each month

Renter FAQs

For most residents, rent is the largest monthly payment. Every resident should be getting credit for paying rent on time and be rewarded by having that payment improve their credit score. Rent is one of the fastest ways to increase a credit score, with an average increase above 40 points and some as high as 100 points depending on where an individual is in the FICO scoring matrix. This translates into additional financial freedom for the resident. A higher credit score can result in lower interest rates for a loan (e.g. car, home), additional qualifications for credit cards, higher limits on credit cards, and lower insurance rates. A higher credit score can even help get a job, as it is viewed as an element of risk to an employer.

Yes. CredHub can legally report up to 24 months of past rental payments if necessary

Credit score websites such as Credit Karma and are delayed several weeks obtaining new information. A credit report drawn directly from the credit bureaus will reflect new payment information within a few days.

Since this is the first-time credit bureaus have seen payment history for rent, it is viewed as new debt. Like buying a new house or car, the credit score may see a slight drop initially however, it will level out and increase as more on-time payments are made.

CredHub handles all questions and disputes with your residents. We have an all access website at, can be reached by phone at 1-833-888-CRED, or by email at [email protected]. If a correction may be needed on information that was inadvertently submitted to the credit bureaus, we will handle resolution for the resident.


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