CredHub was born from the notion that people should get credit for their good actions. And that such recognition can actually be a motivation that influences behavior and generates value. We believe in carrots – not just sticks.



RentCred helps reduce late and skipped rent payments for owners and property managers. RentCred encourages on-time rental payments and discourages delinquent payments.  We help residents build credit by reporting their on-time payments to the major credit bureaus TransUnion and Equifax. We also discourage late and skipped payments by reporting those as well

Here is what one client had to say about RentCred:

“After implementing RentCred, our percentage of delinquent at close out each month dropped significantly.  Residents prioritized on-time payment once they knew it impacted their credit score. The partnership between RentCred and Northwest Apartments has really fostered good credit results with our residents.”

Lisa Kennedy
Managing Director, Northwest Apartments

RentCred integrates with every major rent roll platform and provides performance management tools to help make your properties run more efficiently.  And, there is a profit share opportunity for you in the program.

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RentCred with Identity Protection

RentCred also delivers a new type of benefit to residents... receiving credit and identity theft protection via rent payments. Residents can now build positive credit history by paying their rent on time and receive protection from identity theft in the process. 

∂ The identity theft protection, powered by IDExperts, protects residents from all types of identity theft, including financial, medical, employment, Social Security and more.

∂ It includes alert-based identity monitoring, fully-managed identity recovery services and $1 million of reimbursement insurance.

∂ The identity theft protection covers up to three occupants within a unit, including dependents up to age 26.

∂ If used, residents are assigned a personal Recovery Advocate to assist through all phases of identity recovery. 100% Recovery Guarantee.

∂ Identity theft cases are resolved in an average of just two days–much faster than the 140 hours typically spent to recover from an identity breach.


RentCred for Affordable Housing

Our RentCred solution customized for Affordable Housing.

∂  Works with all funding sources - Tax Credit, Project Based Section 8, HOME, Rural Development, RAD, PRAC 811.

∂  Can be used to meet the supportive service requirement in your LURA for Credit Counseling or Credit Classes.  

∂  Cost can be spread out over your entire portfolio of affordable and market units.



Our RentCred solution for Student Housing.  

StudentCred, a tailored offering for students, is especially valuable for those residents who are just starting to build their credit scores.

∂  Establish credit improves your life by having lower interest rates.

∂  Having good credit can give you access to more funds when in need.

∂  Credit Score can affect Employment with more employers checking potential employees’ credit.

∂  Gain better interest rates = increased buying and payment power.

∂  Good credit is associated with responsibility and trustworthiness.



The Federal Housing Administration requires a credit score of at least 500 to buy a home with an FHA loan. No lower than 580 is needed to make the minimum down payment of 3.5%. However, many lenders will require a score of 620 to 640 to qualify.

As a long time renter, entering the housing market can be challenging. CredHub now has a service named MortgageCred that can back date rental payments in an effort to help increase an individual’s credit score. Giving credit where credit is due.



The value in timely payment of recurring financial obligations is real. In today's society people are rewarded with greater purchasing power by having good credit. No credit or poor credit can be the exact opposite, an imposing obstacle. The CredHub products provide an opportunity for tenants to help build and maintain good credit. In turn, they are a tool for mangers to market credit-building with on-time rental payments as a property feature.


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