Get Credit Where Credit Is Due

Rent payment reporting is one of the fastest ways to boost your credit score. Residents who report on-time rent payments see an average increase of over 40 points. And a higher credit score means more opportunities to save on loans, credit card rates, and maybe even insurance premiums.

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    More Opportunity,
    More Savings

    Most people know that a higher credit score opens more doors and can save you money down the road. But do you know all of the ways a higher credit score can help you?

    Boosting your credit score means you could:

    • Have a better chance of getting a personal loan (including car loans)
    • Pay lower rates on those loans
    • Have a better chance of getting approved for a credit card
    • Be likely to get higher credit limits and pay a lower APR
    • Pay reduced premiums on home, car and other kinds of insurance
    • Raise your chances of getting a job, since some employers consider credit scores a measure of employment risk