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Slash delinquency
in 15 minutes a
month or less

Want to collect more rent every month with less work? Genesis + CredHub is the combination you’ve been looking for.

50% average reduction

in payment delinquency

Ready to Collect More Rent?

Of course you are. That’s why you trust Genesis with your debt recovery. 

But when it comes to raising your revenue, collections is just one part of the solution. With CredHub, you can collect more of your rent even before it goes to collections.

CredHub automatically reports rent payment status to the credit bureaus each month. The result? Revenue goes up, delinquency goes down, and residents have a chance to significantly boost their credit scores.

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Rent Payment Credit Reporting: Why Every Property Owner
Should Use It

CredHub: Rent Payment Credit
Reporting Made Easy

CredHub is a Win-Win

For property managers and residents

CredHub users collect more rent, get back hours of time, help residents build their credit scores, and add another automatic revenue stream on top of monthly rent collection. All in 15 minutes or less per month.

Collect more rent

The average CredHub user sees a 50% reduction in payment delinquency

Get your time back

Spend far less time chasing late rent payments

Increase your bottom line

CredHub is better than free—it’s a whole new monthly revenue stream

Increase resident satisfaction

Help residents build positive credit histories

What Sets CredHub Apart?

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Complete Credit

CredHub is the only solution that reports payment/non-payment each and every month, providing a more powerful incentive for on-time payments.

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ID Theft

Give your residents access to world-class ID theft protection from Allstate.

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Minimal Time

Property managers spend less than 15 minutes a month managing CredHub.

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Matthew Cave
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Our experience with CredHub has been phenomenal! Being able to report to the credit bureau has been a huge selling point for our Resident Benefit Package, and also acts as an incentive to promote on time payments. CredHub made on the onboarding process seamless, and they even pull data directly from our management software every month. The team is always checking in on us to make sure that we are 100% satisfied. I highly recommend them!

Matthew Cave Hudson Property Services
Hudson Property Services
Matthew Cave
Scott Properties of the Midlands & Charleston
Scott Wallace, PMIC Brad Pitt
Diana Kellogg

Residents LoveCredHub, Too

Build a positive credit history and raise your credit score month by month. Get comprehensive
identity theft protection* through Allstate. CredHub gives you the recognition you deserve for
on-time rent payments.

*Allstate ID theft protection is an optional amenity to be added at the discretion of property
owners/managers. Not all CredHub programs will include identity theft protection.

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