Help your tenants feel more at home knowing their identity is safe too.

CredAlert tenant identity theft protection is a valuable and easily implemented enhancement to our RentCred credit-building solution.


CredAlert provides identity theft protection to help keep tenants safe from fraud.

  • A value-added benefi t for tenants—and a marketable property feature to prospective residents.

  • An ancillary revenue opportunity for property managers—new tenants are automatically enrolled unless they choose to opt-out.

  • Protects tenants from all types of identity theft, including financial, medical, employment, Social Security and more.

  • The only identity protection coverage offering a 100% Recovery Guarantee.

  • Cases are resolved in an average of just two days—much faster than the 140 hours typically spent to recover from an identity breach.

  • Includes alert-based identity monitoring, fully-managed identity recovery services and $1 million of reimbursement insurance.

  • Covers up to three occupants within a unit, including dependents up to age 26.

  • Residents are assigned a personal Fraud Recovery Expert to assist through all phases of identity recovery. And cases aren’t closed until they’re fully resolved.


Give your tenants the peace of mind that comes with having the most thorough and trusted personal identity monitoring and protection product available.