Mastering the Maze: Navigating NYC’s Rental Jungle with CredHub 

New York City’s rental landscape is notoriously complex, a fact recently highlighted by a viral TikTok post. These regulations, while designed to protect tenants, often introduce a set of challenges both for property managers and renters.  The Complexity of NYC Rental Regulations  NYC rental regulations are vast and varied, covering everything from rent control and […]

The Role of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and State-Specific Regulations 

Understanding and complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state-specific rental credit reporting regulations is crucial. These legal frameworks not only influence how property managers operate but also significantly impact tenants’ financial futures. Let’s explore the essentials of the FCRA, the variation in state laws, and how CredHub can assist property managers in […]

Rental Property Management in an Inflationary Climate 

The global economy is facing a period of increasing uncertainty due to inflation. For players in the rental property industry, the rising costs of living, coupled with escalating operational budgets, are pressing challenges. Investors, property managers, and owners alike are feeling the strain. However, amidst this turbulent landscape, one strategy has emerged with a renewed […]

The Growing Importance of Rent Payment Reporting

In recent years, rent payment reporting has emerged as a crucial tool in the property management sector, offering significant benefits to tenants and property managers alike. As we delve deeper into this trend, it’s essential to understand what rent payment reporting entails, the different types available, their pros and cons, the impact of state-specific regulations, […]

A Guide to Property Management Conferences: A CredHub Perspective  

Property management conferences and events stand out as pivotal venues for learning, networking, and industry growth. They are the breeding ground for innovation, collaboration, and advancement in our field. We at CredHub particularly value these events as they offer us a unique platform to contribute to community growth, showcase our latest innovations, and, most importantly, […]