After the Lease Comes the Renewal: How to Create a Post-Signing Plan 

Lease renewals are a crucial aspect of property management, allowing landlords to retain good tenants, maintain a steady income, and reduce the costs associated with finding new renters. Crafting an effective post-signing plan is essential for a smooth and successful lease renewal process. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you create an efficient post-signing plan […]

Create a Great Living Experience for Your Tenants

Boosting tenant satisfaction and retention is the secret sauce for property managers who want to create long-term value. Here are some game-changing solutions, including tenant benefits packages, community-building programs, and tenant loyalty practices, that can help property managers offer exceptional value to their tenants. And guess what? CredHub can help make these solutions a reality. […]

Rental Housing Regulation Trends Property Managers Need to Know in 2024 

Rental Housing Regulation Trends Property Managers Need to Know in 2024

How prepared are you to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of property management in 2024? If you aren’t staying informed and adapting your rental business to take advantage of regulatory changes you may be leaving more money on the table than you think.  With platforms like CredHub leading the innovation in rent payment reporting, it’s crucial […]

How Expert Knowledge Transforms Property Management 

Having access to an expert can increase the success of your strategies, problem-solving efforts, and investments, all with greater confidence and fewer resources. This is no different for rental property management. However, in our age of free and endless information, many property managers and owners are a Google search away from inapplicable advice and under-delivering […]

Maximize Returns: 10 CredHub Strategies for Landlords

In property management, those who leverage smart tools to enhance efficiency and tenant satisfaction gain a clear edge. CredHub offers such tools through its rent payment reporting and tenant benefits package, tailored to elevate your operation’s effectiveness and appeal. Let’s dive into ten no-nonsense tactics that utilize CredHub’s features to streamline your processes, secure quality […]

The Advantage of Rent Payment Reporting Systems on Fraud Prevention

In rental property management, establishing robust mechanisms to ensure financial reliability and mitigate risks is crucial. Rent payment reporting systems like CredHub offer a powerful solution that can significantly enhance fraud prevention tactics while improving overall operational efficiency. Drawing insights from the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC)’s recent pulse survey, which analyzes the operational impact […]

How Rent Payment Data Drives Better Tenant Retention Strategies 

In the competitive landscape of property management, retaining tenants is just as crucial as attracting new ones. A key strategy in achieving high tenant retention lies in leveraging rent payment data. CredHub, a leading rent payment reporting platform, empowers property managers and owners with the tools to report timely and missed rent payments to credit […]

Mastering the Maze: Navigating NYC’s Rental Jungle with CredHub 

New York City’s rental landscape is notoriously complex, a fact recently highlighted by a viral TikTok post. These regulations, while designed to protect tenants, often introduce a set of challenges both for property managers and renters.  The Complexity of NYC Rental Regulations  NYC rental regulations are vast and varied, covering everything from rent control and […]

The Role of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and State-Specific Regulations 

Understanding and complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state-specific rental credit reporting regulations is crucial. These legal frameworks not only influence how property managers operate but also significantly impact tenants’ financial futures. Let’s explore the essentials of the FCRA, the variation in state laws, and how CredHub can assist property managers in […]

Rental Property Management in an Inflationary Climate 

The global economy is facing a period of increasing uncertainty due to inflation. For players in the rental property industry, the rising costs of living, coupled with escalating operational budgets, are pressing challenges. Investors, property managers, and owners alike are feeling the strain. However, amidst this turbulent landscape, one strategy has emerged with a renewed […]