Slash delinquency in 15 minutes a month or less

Want to collect more rent every month with less work while retaining great renters? ACUTRAQ + CredHub is the combination you’ve been looking for.

Rent payment credit reporting

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Ready to Collect More Rent?

Of course you are. That’s why you trust ACUTRAQ to screen your tenants for you.

But when it comes to raising your revenue, screening tenants is just the start. With CredHub, you can ensure that more of those tenants actually pay on time.

CredHub automatically reports rent payment status to the credit bureaus each month. The result? Revenue goes up, delinquency goes down, and residents have a chance to significantly boost their credit scores.

Why work with CredHub?

Increase Your Revenue

CredHub is better than free — it’s a whole new monthly revenue stream.

Complete Rent Payment Reporting

CredHub is the only solution that reports payment and non-payment every month, providing a more powerful incentive for on-time payments.

ID Theft Protection

Give your residents access to world-class ID theft protection from Allstate.

Minimal Time Investment

Property managers spend less than 15 min per month managing CredHub.

CredHub rent payment credit reporting
Rent Payment Reporting Solution
Rent payment reporting data