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The Most Complete Rent
Payment Reporting Solution
On The Market

The Most Complete Rent Payment Reporting Solution On The Market

Increase your revenue, get more of your time back, and help your residents take control of their financial future.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Our Mission: CredHub helps property managers collect more rent on time and in full every month with less work, while helping residents improve their financial futures by building positive credit histories.

At CredHub we believe people should get credit for their good actions. For property managers, that means rewarding residents for paying on time and in full. In both the short term and the long run, this benefits everyone. Owners and property managers collect more of the money they’re due with less effort, and residents have the chance to unlock new opportunities for themselves through improved credit scores.

CredHub is the ultimate win-win for owners, property managers and residents alike.

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15 Minutes a
Month is All it Takes

CredHub couldn’t be easier for property managers. Once you’re set up, it only takes 15 minutes a month (or less) to manage. That’s because CredHub integrates directly with your property management software, so everything happens automatically.

Three easy steps

CredHub automatically pulls all of your payment info each month at the date of your choosing.

Three easy steps

You give it a quick look over and verify the information is correct.

Three easy steps

Hit Submit, and we take care of the rest!

Founded on
Experience &
Industry Expertise

CredHub’s founders & leadership have over 100 years of combined executive experience at companies like Expedia, Aon Insurance, Point B Consulting, Alaska Airlines and Auth0.

CredHub was born because our founders saw the need for a solution that helps owners and property managers collect the rent they’re due with less work, while giving residents a path to a better financial future.

Steve Jarvis

President & CEO

Chris Dukelow

Chief of Stuff

How Much Extra Revenue
Should You Be Making?

Check out our handy online calculator and see how much extra revenue
you could be pulling in on autopilot with CredHub.

See What You’re Leaving on the Table

Identity Theft Protection Powered by Allstate

With CredHub, you also have the option of providing comprehensive identity theft protection through Allstate, making CredHub even more valuable and attractive to your residents. Allstate Identity Protection plans include:

  • Protection against all forms of identity theft, including
    financial, medical employment, Social Security and
  • Alert-based monitoring, fully-managed identity
    recovery services and $1 million of reimbursement
  • Coverage for up to three occupants within a unit,
    including dependents up to age 26.
  • In the case of an ID theft incident, the resident is
    assigned a personal Recovery Advocate to assist
    through all phases of identity recovery. 100% 
    Recovery Guarantee.
  • With Allstate, identity theft cases are resolved in an
    average of just two days–much faster than the 140
    hours typically spent to recover from an identity breach.


CredHub is an official partner of TransUnion, Experian and Equifax, and our software integrates directly with all of the leading property management software solutions.